Episode One: Pravus Abeo Season Premiere! (Tuesday September 12)
The war has begun. Be the first to read this exciting first episode of Multus Tempestas.

Episode Two: Turbulence
Take flight at 20,000 feet as the Winchesters encounter a creature of the sky that requires Dean to encounter his fears of flying.

Episode Three: Red Rock
After a phone call from their father, Dean and Sam drive off to Sedona, Arizona to investigate a string of strange deaths

Episode Four: Kindred Spirits
When an ancient celtic relic is brought to Boston it unleashes a vengeful banshee who brings death to all who hear her malevolent screams.

Episode Five: Virus
There's a ghost in the machine!

Episode Six: Crossroads
For a talent like that, you'd sell your soul...

Episode Seven: Danse Macabre
The Virtual Season team wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

Episode Eight: Lair Written by Booser
Creatures of the deep...

Episode Nine: Hellmaster
They say the pen is mightier then the sword, books and ideas have started revolutions and toppled nations - they can also unleash hell itself.

Episode Ten: Deja Vu
Who do you trust....?

Episode Eleven: Imaginary
Happy Christmas, god willing you don't encounter a frightening imaginary friend!

Episode Twelve: The Eternal
Gripping Midseason Cliffhanger!

Episode Thirteen: Sanctuary
Midseason return!

Episode Fourteen: Taken Written by Dean5339
When children begin to disappear in a small local town, things get personal as a part of Dean's past comes back to haunt him.

Episode Fifteen: Diabolique
Gargoyles have haunted mankind's imagination for centuries. Tonight we find out why.

Episode Sixteen: Siren
A frightening love story from the deep and murderous waters below.  

Episode Seventeen: Circus
After a child is found bleeding beside the road, the Winchesters begin to investigate a circus involved with the crime.  

Episode Eighteen: Head Hunter
Revv your engines for a wild ride through Sleepy Hollow. Just be careful to not lose your head!  

Episode Nineteen: The Haunted
The Winchesters find out that there is no such thing as a vacation when you're trapped in a haunted abandoned town.  

Episode Twenty: Play Time
The Winchesters investigate crimes that lead them to a terrifying conclusion....

Episode Twenty-One: Dead or Alive

Episode Twenty-Two: A Cruel World

Episode Twenty-Three Dead End
Inspired by "The Hitcher" comes a road story for the ages.

Episode Twenty-Four Enter The Sandman
With a little help, Sam finally learns the truth.

Episode Twenty-Five Mothman

Episode Twenty-Six Into The Fire
The shocking season finale of Multus Tempestas' thrilling first season.



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